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dulasoft - about us

Dulasoft is a young and dynamic company that focuses its work around the world of computers and new technologies, providing customized solutions based on the needs of each client. In Dulasoft have several purposes:

• Adapt your business to new technologies.
• Modernize its old equipment to modern and more efficient.
• Ensure the functionality and performance of their IT infrastructure.
• Simplifying the daily work of users.

Therefore, DulaSoft offers a wide array of services, from technical support on demand, until the application programming as through maintenance services of data, installation of network, web programming, lodging and more sophisticated Internet services.

DulaSoft gives you a professional care, direct and personal, that after a careful study, will advise on the best solutions to your company's needs, both short-and long-term.

Since our division .Net offer our clients all services related to the universe of Internet:

• Design and programming of Web pages and applications.
• Adapt your business to new technologies.
• Alojamiento web adaptado a su nivel de negocio.
• Web Hosting adapted to their level of business.
• IT consultancy oriented Web.

Design and Ergonomics

A website has to be complete: the combination between design, content and ease of use, is the first high to be met for any page that can accommodate the demands of the public internet.

DulaSoft has a great team of professionals dedicated to getting your website design is pleasant, accommodating during the development of the corporate client to design the pages. You can also choose to follow the advice and creating a new image for exclusive internet.

The localization of content must be comfortable and intuitive, so that the site can be run at full in a few clicks. To do so is conducting a study on the different information provided conducting a hierarchy of pages that provide navigational.

Creating portals and web applications

DulaSoft undertakes projects of any size, from allowing the company to advertise on the Internet to new potential customers, until the introduction of telework through the execution of remote applications, as well as applications for electronic commerce. In any of its aspects, we have qualified professionals for the accommodation of their needs internet.

Web applications are a complete computer program, where the frame showing the content is its own internet browser. Web applications offer the convenience of mainstream programs that can be accessible from any Internet connection, enabling their employees and / or customers operate them with minimum requirements: an Internet browser and basic knowledge.

Web Hosting

The first step to a successful integration into the Internet, lies in the quality of accommodation. A server hosting inappropriate affect very poor performance of Internet service. The availability and quality of accommodation are two of the most important points to consider.

In DulaSoft will perform a detailed analysis on the requirements of your website, thus ensuring the best cost and quality of service.


The e-commerce expands market opportunities for your company, which already provides its customers access to their products and / or services from home.